The Highlights

  • Time saver

    Flexibility is your friend! You can access your self-paced online courses at your convenience. Login and out when you like, as many times as you like and easily pick up where you left off!

  • Easy access

    Start your course on your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. Suitable platforms include Google, Microsoft Edge, Firefox etc. Simply login and start your learning journey!

  • Engaging design

    Our online content has surpassed all expectations! You'll discover engaging lessons broken down into bite-size captivating topics, with videos, audio, text, quizzes and downloadable activities, to keep you actively involved.

Hear what others say

"Your course is very informative and research-based. It raises awareness about the issue and provides skills and tools on the topic. I highly recommend it to everyone, not only to people who work in helping professions".


  • Is this a zoom or webinar presentation?

    The simple answer is no. You can log on and off whenever you want, it is a self-paced course that you can complete at your leisure and at a time of the day or night that's best for you.

  • How long do I have access to the courses?

    All participants are given 45 days access to the course, however 'life happens' and if circumstances prohibit you completing in this time, you can request an extension.

  • Do I receive a certificate when I have completed the course?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion with you name, your course description and the date of completion.

  • Is this an online PowerPoint presentation?

    No, our engaging courses provide captivating content, including videos, audio, informative text, and interactive quizzes to keep your brain stimulated!

  • How long does it take to get support if I need it?

    Your support team at Suicide Programs typically replies to any questions or issues via telephone, or email within the hour and certainly no longer than 24 hours.