Course curriculum

    1. VIDEO: A message from your instructor

    2. VIDEO: How to use this course

    3. Before we begin quick survey

    1. The Why

    2. National Helplines

    3. The How

    1. VIDEO: This is why we developed CALM

    2. VIDEO: What we learnt from the Exeter University at the 2019 IASP Conference

    3. VIDEO: What is Motivational Interviewing?

    4. Warning Signs & Risk Factors

    5. VIDEO: How would we know if someone is considering suicide?

    6. VIDEO: What is the basis of the CALM model

    7. Asking about suicide is challenging

    8. VIDEO: I’m waiting for someone to ask me

    9. When you get a 'yes' what do you do next?

    10. VIDEO: What skills do we draw on to listen to a person thinking suicide

    11. What to do when a persons emotional crisis is subsiding

    12. How can we make a difference?

    1. More resources for you

    2. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    3. Before you go read what others say about us!

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Start your journey with this one hour course on suicide safety. Learn how to use the Be Safe suicide safety app and more...

5 Star Ratings. Read what others are saying about this short course.

A great program to give you a taste of how many people you have helped in delivering these valuable Suicide Courses

Dani Markovski

It certainly has made me decide to complete CALM ( 1 day Course) and CALM CARE via Zoom and will call the Office in the morning for information in enrolling in the above mentioned Courses. Loooove your programs!!!!

A great introduction into suicide safety

by biljana rufati

This is a really well co-ordinated introductory course into suicide safety for anyone wanting to step into the helping role.

Course Review

by K. Marchiori

I found this training useful and it was created with different interesting ways of getting the information. I enjoyed the live and the cartoon videos and have learned useful tips to help me when I meet people who might be considering suicide.

Excellent Course

by K. Wegner

As a psychologist I found this course to be informative and would recommend that everyone should undertake it.

Better Understanding

by Joan Rice

Although this was only a one hour course, it is packed with lots of information and has given me a better understanding to approach the subject of suicide. Also know that the person contemplating wants to be asked about suicide and starting the conversation is the first step.

Key action info

by Amy-Jane Evans

Quality course, well produced with key information with enough background information to support it. Was accessible and easy to learn from.

Fantastic course

David Screnci

Really found this course very useful. I am studying the profession of counselling and this has been insightful. Feel much better prepared and skilled now.

Great starting point

N. Gueris

Great course for those who are dealing with this in their lives. This course gives you a great starting point for understanding how to talk to people, and gives you resources to go learn more.

Suicidal Thought

P. Adahosa

Asking might save someone life. If we ask and we are wrong, that did not mean we do not care, but when we are right, we might save a life. Learn so much in this program, it's super informative love it

A simple way of learning how to prevent suicide

Josna Jose

Wonderful course with precise and solid information presented in a simple way