Learn the simple steps of checking in with someone who might not be doing so well and they need your help.

  • You will Learn

    How to approach the person and make a connection. How to determine if suicide is in their thoughts. What to do about it to ensure the person's safety is addressed and they are protected from suicide.

  • You will Receive

    Access to the ‘Calm Care’ app which provides the person you are supporting with a tool they can use when they are feeling vulnerable to connect to supports, and provide automated SMS messaging when they are in crisis.

  • FREE Bonus

    A downloadable 16 page information booklet is yours to keep as a handy reference to guide you through the steps of this evidence-informed program that is based on the very latest research.


5 Star Review

Author: Catena Calanna

Thank you for the course, it helped answer a lot of questions where I had gone wrong in the past and now I feel more equipped to help someone thinking of suicide. Keep up the excellent work.

5 Star Review

Author: Amanda Cozyn

Thank you so much for this course. I found it so so helpful especially in the work I do as an Injury Management Adviser. I had a situation this week and unfortunately I started this course the day after. The person is stable but I can now utilised what I have learnt. Thank you once again.

5 Star Review

Author: Katarzyna Figiel

It is an excellent course, very informative and research-based. It raises awareness about the issue and provides skills and tools on the topic. I highly recommend it to everyone, not only to people who work in helping professions.Great and quick communication from the team.

5 Star Review

Author: Elizabeth Ryan

Excellent, great information, fantastic course for general knowledge .

5 Star Review

Author: Karen Reval

Interesting, informative & well presented. Good balance of film clips, worksheets & reading material. Short film clips were good, except those where the presenter merely stated what was written below.

Course curriculum

Click on the down arrow to view the topics covered in each lesson

  • 1


    • Introduction - Hello I'm Mel

    • VIDEO: How to use this course

    • Suicide Loss

  • 2

    Welcome to Country

    • Welcome to Country

  • 3

    Acknowledgment of Lived Experience

    • Acknowledgment of Lived Experience

    • National Helplines

    • Gain an awareness of the impact of suicide in Australia.

    • Multiple choice quiz

  • 4


    • Clarity around myths & facts

    • True or False Quiz

    • Self-awareness

    • Test your knowledge about suicide (true/false)

    • Learn about warning signs

    • What do you remember about warning signs

    • Gain an insight into the reluctance to talk about suicide

    • Connecting is the first step in the model

    • Communication skills quiz

    • Let's connect with Sarah

    • Let's connect with Brad

    • Learn to be a little bit 'nosey'

  • 5


    • Learn how to resist the ‘Righting Reflex’

    • Test your knowledge of the 'Righting Reflex'

    • The 'Trust Exercise'

    • Learn to be comfortable asking someone about suicide

    • I’m waiting for someone to ask me

    • Asking is the second step in the model

    • How do you overcome the FEAR of asking?

    • What if they say 'YES'

    • What if they say ‘NO’

    • Quick safety Quiz

    • What if they tell you over the phone

  • 6


    • Learn how to be a good listener

    • An overview of the Mehrabian Communication model

    • What do you remember about the Mehrabian model?

    • Learn about the power of listening

    • Learn about the power of acknowledgment

  • 7


    • Referring is the third step in the model

    • Have a strategy for a warm ‘hand-over’

    • Examples of using the warm handover method

  • 8


    • Learn how to use the Calm Care mobile phone app

    • What do we know about the Calm Care app?

    • Understand your boundaries

    • True or false quiz

    • Exit is the fourth step in the model

    • Learn how to practice the model

    • Revise the Calm Care model

  • 9


    • Understand the importance of self-care

    • What is Burn-out?

    • What is Compassion Fatigue?

    • What is Vicarious Trauma?

  • 10


    • You have now completed the CALM C-A-R-E program

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This course continues to receive 5 star reviews for its easy to follow and comprehensive understanding of suicide awareness and how to feel comfortable with this serious topic.