You will learn how to reframe their thinking to give them a different perspective on something that previously painted a negative picture.

  • You will Learn

    Basic counselling skills, how to become a good listener, resolve emotional situations, learn about your own triggers and how not to take things personally.

  • Difficult Conversation Tips

    This course will expand on the most common communication blockers, how to recognise and overcome them. How to handle difficult callers or conversations to achieve an amicable outcome for both parties.

  • Bonus material

    You will receive a 24-page, A4 downloadable Accidental Counsellor workbook which also includes some comprehensive counselling theories that you can refer to and use as required.

Course curriculum

Click on the down arrow to view the topics covered in each lesson

  • 1


    • Introducing Melanie and Sandra

    • Welcome to Country

    • VIDEO: How to use this course

  • 2


    • What is counselling?

    • What a counsellor isn’t...

    • Our response to others

    • Why we feel the way we do?

    • Strong emotions

    • Managing strong emotions

    • Don’t take things personally

  • 3

    Basic Communication

    • If you can name it you can tame it

    • Different communication styles

    • Assertive communication style

    • Listening

    • Basic listening skills

    • How do you help a grieving friend

    • How to be congruent and genuine

    • Empathy v’s Sympathy

    • Understanding the other person

  • 4


    • Understanding Crisis

    • The message channel

    • Barriers to communication

    • Communication rules

    • Deciding to listen

    • Actively listening

  • 5


    • The importance of silence

    • What is reflective listening

    • Reflecting feelings

    • Reflecting content

    • Responding to anger

    • Managing conflict

    • Working with Domestic Violence

    • Summarising skills

    • Reframing

    • Calming a telephone caller or somebody on the internet

  • 6

    Mental Health

    • What is stress

    • What is anxiety

    • What is wellbeing

    • Know the five signs

    • Suicide awareness

  • 7


    • Healthy Boundaries

    • Co-dependency

    • Self-righting

    • Self-care

    • Mindfulness

  • 8


    • Congratulations!

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The Accidental Counsellor course is the preferred choice of many with or without basic counselling skills. It will help fine tune your communication skills and make a positive difference to your conversational outcomes.


5 Star Review - A great introduction

by Jackie Reid

A good introduction to important aspects of supporting others, while also caring for yourself. Some of the content is common sense, although it doesn't hurt to be reminded of these concepts. There are also very important additional strategies and resources provided. The accompanying workbook will be a very useful ongoing reference. I took the online course, so did not get to practice the skills in a supported environment, but feel more confident now that I have range of strategies and resources that I can access when helping others.

5 Star Review - Very helpful

by Lauren Jacobs

This course was exactly what it stated it would be. It was simple and flexible and will be very helpful for my work going forward.

5 Star Review

by Mariela Clarke

I found the course to be interesting and also enough information for a beginner counsellor. It had everything you needed to know, this was a good refresher as I have previously done a counsellor diploma.

5 Star Review

by Felicity Jones

I felt the course had good basic information.

5 Star Review

by Antonia Gates

It was an excellent course. I even applied myself to many of the examples and knowledge.

5 Star Review

by Janine Bauman

Great introductory short course. Recommend for those who work in student well being.

5 Star Review - Thank you

by Julia Perryman

A great refresher of the fundamentals. I enjoyed the self paced learning

Easy and efficient online learning


I enjoyed having the opportunity to complete this course independently through online learning with my workplace. This was an efficient use of my time and meant that I could also access the course to learn even during Covid-19 working from home arrangements. I enjoyed having the opportunity to self reflect and many of the activities or tips given affirmed what I already do or believed may have been right but have never had the formal training. The short videos throughout are good to break up the text - I would enjoy seeing more of them with the actual presenters like at the beginning and end. This would add more personal touch and provide a welcome break from the computerised voices. Overall, I am glad I spent time doing this course today. Thank you.