Learn the simple steps of checking in with someone who might not be doing so well and they need your help.

  • You will Learn

    How to approach the person and make a connection. How to determine if suicide is in their thoughts. What to do about it to ensure the person's safety is addressed and they are protected from suicide.

  • You will Receive

    Access to the ‘Calm Care’ app which provides the person you are supporting with a tool they can use when they are feeling vulnerable to connect to supports, and provide automated SMS messaging when they are in crisis.

  • FREE Bonus

    A downloadable 16 page information booklet is yours to keep as a handy reference to guide you through the steps of this evidence-informed program that is based on the very latest research.


5 Star Review

Author: Catena Calanna

Thank you for the course, it helped answer a lot of questions where I had gone wrong in the past and now I feel more equipped to help someone thinking of suicide. Keep up the excellent work.

5 Star Review

Author: Amanda Cozyn

Thank you so much for this course. I found it so so helpful especially in the work I do as an Injury Management Adviser. I had a situation this week and unfortunately I started this course the day after. The person is stable but I can now utilised what I have learnt. Thank you once again.

5 Star Review

Author: Katarzyna Figiel

It is an excellent course, very informative and research-based. It raises awareness about the issue and provides skills and tools on the topic. I highly recommend it to everyone, not only to people who work in helping professions.Great and quick communication from the team.

5 Star Review

Author: Elizabeth Ryan

Excellent, great information, fantastic course for general knowledge .

5 Star Review

Author: Karen Reval

Interesting, informative & well presented. Good balance of film clips, worksheets & reading material. Short film clips were good, except those where the presenter merely stated what was written below.

5 Star Review - Great information

by Darren Williams

This is my first experience with suicide training. I felt the course was informative, easy to understand and covered the issues very well.

5 Star Review


Thank you for this course. 5 Styar5 Star ReviewReally helpful, insightful and empowering. I highly recommend it for everyone.

Course curriculum

Click on the down arrow to view the topics covered in each lesson

  • 1


    • Introduction - Hello I'm Mel

    • VIDEO: How to use this course

    • Suicide Loss

  • 2

    Welcome to Country

    • Welcome to Country

  • 3

    Acknowledgment of Lived Experience

    • Acknowledgment of Lived Experience

    • National Helplines

    • Gain an awareness of the impact of suicide in Australia.

    • Multiple choice quiz

  • 4


    • Clarity around myths & facts

    • True or False Quiz

    • Self-awareness

    • Test your knowledge about suicide (true/false)

    • Learn about warning signs

    • What do you remember about warning signs

    • Gain an insight into the reluctance to talk about suicide

    • Connecting is the first step in the model

    • Communication skills quiz

    • Let's connect with Sarah

    • Let's connect with Brad

    • Learn to be a little bit 'nosey'

  • 5


    • Learn how to resist the ‘Righting Reflex’

    • Test your knowledge of the 'Righting Reflex'

    • The 'Trust Exercise'

    • Learn to be comfortable asking someone about suicide

    • I’m waiting for someone to ask me

    • Asking is the second step in the model

    • How do you overcome the FEAR of asking?

    • What if they say 'YES'

    • What if they say ‘NO’

    • Quick safety Quiz

    • What if they tell you over the phone

  • 6


    • Learn how to be a good listener

    • An overview of the Mehrabian Communication model

    • What do you remember about the Mehrabian model?

    • Learn about the power of listening

    • Learn about the power of acknowledgment

  • 7


    • Referring is the third step in the model

    • Have a strategy for a warm ‘hand-over’

    • Examples of using the warm handover method

  • 8


    • Learn how to use the Calm Care mobile phone app

    • What do we know about the Calm Care app?

    • Understand your boundaries

    • True or false quiz

    • Exit is the fourth step in the model

    • Learn how to practice the model

    • Revise the Calm Care model

  • 9


    • Understand the importance of self-care

    • What is Burn-out?

    • What is Compassion Fatigue?

    • What is Vicarious Trauma?

  • 10


    • You have now completed the CALM C-A-R-E program

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This course continues to receive 5 star reviews for its easy to follow and comprehensive understanding of suicide awareness and how to feel comfortable with this serious topic.